1. Age Requirement (must play catcher or outfield until 16 years old)

  Women’s (12 years old)

  Men’s (13 years old)

 2. Teams should be limited to family members only with the exception of two non-related players

 3. Minimum of eight players to start the game & eight players to finish the game

 4. Time Limit: One hour and five minutes, no inning shall start after an hour (No time limit in all Semi-Final & Championship Games in all divisions). If it is announced by the umpire that it is the last inning, that inning automatically becomes the open inning.

 5. Count on the batter will start with one ball and one strike for all games

 6. Third strike foul ball – batter is out

 7. No lead offs, if a batter swings through and a runner leads off, the runner will be out and it will be a strike against the batter.

 8. 6-12 foot arc

 9. Commitment Line between third and home – once crossed the runner must go home

10. Safety Line at home plate – runner is not to touch home plate, if they do they are automatically out with no appeal needed. Catcher has the entire plate. Tags are allowed between the commitment line and home plate.

 11. Four courtesy runners per game (NO Exceptions) Teams can agree to have one injury runner each before the game starts, this must be approved by both teams and the umpire.

 12. Unlimited homeruns allowed

 13. Mercy Rule – 12 runs after six innings (No mercy rule in Championship Games)

 14. 5 run’s per inning except last inning which is open.

 15. It is the umpire’s discretion as to what jewelry is allowed (big hoop earrings)

 16. Players in the men’s division must use the wooden bats provided by the tournament, players in the women’s division must use bats that conform to SPO rules.

 17. If a tie occurs at the end of a game, the extra inning is started with the last batter from the previous inning starting at second base

 18. No alcohol in the dugouts, if a player is caught with alcohol in the dugout a warning will be issued and then it will be ejection from the tournament

 19. Fighting of any kind will mean ejection from the tournament, unsportsmanlike conduct will also be monitored closely and could mean ejection from the game and/or tournament

 20. No appeals, umpires word is final

 21. Ladies divisions are allowed to use their own bats, although all bats must have the new USSSA stamp or the old grand fathered in ASA stamp. All other bats will be pulled immediately, this includes all senior bats, ULTRAS and JAKED, if any bat has a crack or dent it will also be pulled.