2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Scores-Men’s A & C Division

  1. Terry and gang, I know how busy you guys are this weekend and how much work is involved. Just wondering if there was anyway that the website could be updated a couple times a day. I am always interested to see who is progressing in the tournament, when I can’t be there in person. If its not possible I certainly understand.

    Larry Hoyle

  2. Hi Larry – Brad Trivers here (web guy) – the email list was set to go out once each day at 11pm – I have changed this to 4am. The last set of updates were made after 11pm and so were delayed one day – this change should ensure that the email list gets the previous days updates first thing in the morning.

    Not sure if Terry and gang has the time to do more than 1 update per day – he’ll have to answer that – but I can say that the email list will only receive a compilation of all updates once a day.

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